Veterinary Intelligence, LLC


Robert W. Whitaker

General Manager

I am forever a student of animal imaging technology. Animal agriculture and veterinary healthcare has been my profession since I was old enough to farm and cowboy with my family.


I enjoy helping people, animals, and their veterinarians through technology, education, and management consulting.​

 Skills and Experience

  • Livestock Husbandry & Management

  • Animal Radiography Imaging 

  • Animal Ultrasound Imaging 

  • Animal CT Imaging

  • Producer of Veterinary CE and Wet Labs

  • Veterinary & Livestock Business Management 

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Our Story

Advancing Skills & Technology in Animal Healthcare

Veterinarians are the best doctors on the planet because they have to know multiple species and how to diagnose and treat each of them. We believe in strengthening the relationships between the stewards of all animal species and veterinarians. Veterinary Intelligence offers consulting, training, equipment solutions, and technology services for livestock producers and veterinary practices all over North America.

We are a family-owned small business located in the Texas Panhandle. 


-Robert W. Whitaker    

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